Kenneth Buser
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69th District
The Election for State Representative, 69th District
There is no reason in this day and age that a Representative doesn’t truly represent their constituents like they are supposed to. I want to give that right back to the registered voters. If I’m elected, a website and phone line will be set up so that registered voters in the 69th District would be able to call or log on and vote on the bills and issues being considered by the State House. Each registered voter will be allowed to vote once on each bill or issue. Then my assistant and I will total the votes and I will vote the way the majority wishes. Each month I will hold a Town Hall meeting in each community of the district to find out the interests and concerns of you, the people. I will be a true Representative, not a politician who does what he wants or what lobbyists want him to do. I will do what the people want. I am running as an Independent because:
1) I will represent all of the people, and  2) If you have party affiliation there would be
political pressure from the party to stay in line and vote with them. We are a Representative Republic. The Founding Fathers wanted it this way. A Government for the People by the People. It’s time we get back to having our voices heard right here in our District in the great State of Tennessee. So if you want a true Representative and not a politician, then vote for me, Kenneth Buser.

For more information or to get involved, contact me at:

Kenneth W. Buser for State Representative, 69th District

Remember to vote November 6, 2012

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